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TX1 / PhenVox Ghost Bundle

6.22 usd

TX1 / PhenVox Ghost Bundle is the definite bundle for ghost hunters, and everyone interested in the paranormal.We have packed TX1 Spirit Box & PhenVox Ghost Box in one single app.You can now use these quality rated tools simultaneously to get even more paranormal contact with the unknown.
TX1 / PhenVox Ghost Bundle combines two of the best tools available on the market!

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What you get in our bundle:✓ Free lifetime word database updates✓ Free lifetime PhenVox Ghost Box updates.✓ Free lifetime TX1 Spirit Box updates.
Google Play ratings:PhenVox Ghost Box is rated 5/5TX1 Spirit Box Mobile is rated 4/5
Created by JM Softwares- JM Softwares is trusted by hundreds of paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.